STALICLA is a patient-centric biotech company on a unique mission to identify, develop and bring precision medicine to patients with neurodevelopmental disorders, with a first application in autism spectrum disorder.

STALICLA has assembled a world-class team of experienced drug developers, clinicians and computational systems biologists.

DEPI, the company's unique technology characterizes biologically similar subgroups of patients within highly variable populations of patients with neurodevelopmental disorders, and further identifies tailored treatments.

To support its drug discovery platform and pipeline development, STALICLA has established strong networks within top tier research and clinical centers.

STALICLA’s platform has already proven successful in expediting and de-risking a first program, STP1, tailored to a subgroup of patients with autism spectrum disorder. STALICLA has additionally identified two other subgroups of patients with autism spectrum disorder and their corresponding treatment candidates.

“Data-driven medicine is the new frontier of drug development for neurodevelopmental disorders.” - Lynn Durham, CEO & Founder

Lynn Durham founded the company in 2017. STALICLA is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in Barcelona, Spain.

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