“STALICLA’s team is about science, experience and determination.”

Our world-class team of scientists, drug developers, clinicians and computational systems biologists in Geneva and Barcelona is changing the paradigm for drug discovery and development in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Drug Development Unit

Bringing drug candidates to clinical stage through late pre-clinical development and regulatory entry preparation

Lynn Durham

M.Sc. – CEO and Founder

Lynn is CEO and founder of STALICLA. Driven by her lifelong involvement in the autism community, she co-developed DEPI, Stalicla algorithm to advance precision medicine in autism spectrum disorder. A biotech entrepreneur, Lynn has extensive experience in Business Development. She previously worked for the World Economic Forum, a leading Swiss venture capital firm, and start-up accelerators in Western Switzerland. She also spent 5 years at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine. Lynn holds Master degrees in political sciences and economic history, and corporate communication. She is finalizing a post-graduate degree in drug discovery and clinical development at the University of Geneva Faculty of Medicine.

Akshata Ashokkumar

M.Sc., CAPM – Clinical Trial Manager

Akshata has extensive clinical trial management experience with a passion for neurology. Her previous endeavors include working for a healthcare startup in New York City and prior to that, for NCRI (Neurological Clinical Research Institute) at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA, focusing mainly on neurological disorders. Her core skills include project management for clinical trials, study monitoring, CRO and vendor management, site management, clinical operations and well-versed with ICH-GCP guidelines. She obtained her Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Northeastern University (Boston, MA).

Stéphane Baudouin

Ph.D. – Head of Preclinical Research

Stéphane is a neurobiologist by training with 10 years’ experience in research on patho-physiology of autism spectrum disorder. Before joining STALICLA, Stéphane spent 5 years at Cardiff University as Senior Lecturer and Team leader in Research Projects funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Welsh Government. Stéphane was also a Ph.D. students mentor. His previous work aimed at identifying molecular pathways and neuronal networks involved in the development of social skills and their breakdown in pathological conditions, and has been published in numerous high impact peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Julien Cachat

MD, Ph.D. – Research and Clinical Operations Associate

Julien obtained his medical degree from the University of Lausanne. His strong interest in research led him to a MSc in Oncology at the University of Nottingham and a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Geneva, while gaining authorship in 8 peer-reviewed publications. Julien joined Stalicla driven by his strong interest in patient focused innovation and translational medicine.

Delphine Charvin

Ph.D. – Chief of Science and Innovation Officer (CSO/CINO)

Delphine is a neuroscientist by training with more than 10 years international experience with start-up, biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. She previously spent 2 years as CSO at Lundbeck, a CNS-focused pharmaceutical company. She also worked as CSO at Prexton Therapeutics since the inception, driving activities from lead identification to clinical phase II, until the acquisition of the company by Lundbeck. Delphine brings a multi-discipline expertise, combining the agility of a biotech environment and the expectations and standards of pharma companies. She joined STALICLA driven by the patient-centric approach and the disruptive innovation brought by the company to the field of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Jean-Marc Hyvelin

Ph.D. – Chief Operating Officer

Jean-Marc is a scientist in cellular and molecular biology, and project manager with ten years’ experience in academic research laboratories and eight years’ experience in pharmaceutical companies. His core skills include directing and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and implementing technology solutions in various drug/medtech development projects, and spearheading research and innovation activity, including developing and maintaining partnerships.

Adriano L.S. de Souza

Ph.D. – Senior Pharmacology Scientist

Adriano holds a Master degree in Pharmacology and a Ph.D. in Immunology. He has 10 years’ experience in drug discovery running target validation and efficacy studies, particularly related to autoimmune and neurological diseases. He performed pre-clinical pharmacological screening and extensive benchmarking of investigational drugs at Merck/EMD Serono research sites in Geneva and Great Boston. Having more recently worked as a site manager during a Phase 3 trial for a vaccine against Dengue Fever, he also enjoys clinical development experience.

Jérôme Wojcik

Ph.D. – Head of Special Projects

Jérôme has held various leading positions in Pharma, including Director of Global Bioinformatics at Merck Biopharm, Scientific Computing Group Leader at Serono and Hybrigenics. He was the CEO and Founder of Quartz Bio SA,  a precision medicine services provider to the pharmaceutical industry. He is also Chairman of the Board at the Swiss Institute of bioinformatics. Jérôme has co-authored 115 publications in bioinformatics and computational biology. He is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, France, and earned a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Paris VII University. 

Walter Kaufmann

MD, Ph.D. – Senior Clinical Advisor

Walter was a member of the DSM-5 Autism committee. A former Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a Simons Investigator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Simons Center for the Social Brain, his research uses a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the basis of cognitive and behavioral problems in children with genetic disorders associated with intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder, with an emphasis on developing new therapeutic interventions.

Benjamin Marlow 

MD, M.Sc. -  Pediatric Clinical Advisor

Benjamin is a Consultant in pediatric neurodevelopment in the UK and has worked in the NHS for nearly 10 years. Prior to his role as a doctor, Ben attained a Master degree in biochemistry and completed a research fellowship at the University of Florida.​ He has also worked for GSK and UCB Pharma in R&D and Marketing. Ben has a keen interest in the neurobiology of neurodevelopmental disorders, especially the fields of neuro-immunology and metabolism.

Joseph Wettstein

Ph.D. – Development and Strategy Advisor

Joseph has 20 years' experience in drug discovery on the R&D interface. He has held various leading positions in the industry, notably as former Head of Psychiatry Disease area and Vice President, Neurosciences, at Roche. Prior to that, he held the positions of Director, Systems Pharmacology CNS Research at Sanofi and ITEM Scientific Director.


Discovery and Data Science Unit

Identifying precision medicine for neurodevelopmental disorders thanks to a unique systems-based characterization of clinically and biologically relevant patient subgroups

Expanding from its original DEPI model, STALICLA is scaling up its R&D efforts to further identify new precision medicine candidates for patients with NDD and has established a dedicated systems biology unit in Barcelona, Spain. The Discovery and Data Science (DDS) unit of STALICLA aims to further identify subgroups of patients based on genetic, phenotypic and clinical factors, integrating molecular, anatomical and medical data. Through big data analysis, the project aims to exploit the characteristics of patients in each subgroup to match lead or clinical candidate compounds (free to operate advanced chemical entities). Computational analysis of omics data (proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, etc.) and personalized systems medicine approaches are at the core of the team’s effort to identify new candidates to extend STALICLA’s pipeline. Core technics supporting this analysis involves statistical modeling and machine learning centered on the biology of diseases, comorbidities and pharmacology.

STALICLA’s Discovery and Data Science unit includes 8 FTEs:


Ph.D. – CTO, Head of Computational Systems Biology

Emre has 15 years of experience on computational data analysis with an emphasis on translational systems medicine, disease bioinformatics and network pharmacology. He spent several years as a postdoctoral scholar at Harvard Medical School and Northeastern University and worked as a consultant to a network medicine startup prior to joining to STALICLA.



Ph.D. – Head of Discovery, Deputy Head of Computational Systems Biology

Laura has a strong background in autism genetics and has extensive experience on using and developing computational pipelines and methods for processing, analyzing, integrating and visualizing large-scale biomedical data. Before joining STALICLA, she was a postdoctoral researcher at David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).



Ph.D. – Senior Chemoinformatics Scientist

Francesco’s expertise spans molecular modeling and transcriptomics-based drug repurposing focusing on the analysis of personalized molecular data and network pharmacology. Prior to joining STALICLA, he conducted postdoctoral research at the Systems Biology and Bioinformatics lab at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicines (TIGEM), Naples, and Structural Bioinformatics and Network Biology laboratory at IRB, Barcelona.



Ph.D. – Bioinformatics Scientist

Igor is a bioinformatician by training, with experience in development of AI models and deep learning methods.



Ph.D. – Bioinformatics Software Developer

Mattia has 10 years experience in integrative analysis of omics data with a specific focus on rare disease characterization and diagnosis. Before joining STALICLA, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Centre for Genomic Regulation and Barcelona Supercomputing center.



Ph.D. – Bioinformatics Software Developer Associate

Daniel specializes in biomedical data analysis, pharmacogenetics and computational platform development and has worked with various large omics data sets coming from GWAS, RNA-seq, expression and methylation microarrays with a key focus on Schizophrenia.



M.Sc. – Data Analyst Associate

Sara is an early stage biotechnologist with a key emphasis on computational biomedical engineering.



B.S. – Software Developer Associate

Joaquim is a junior full-stack web developer with solid experience on databases and API development.




To support its technological platform and pipeline development, STALICLA has established a network of top tier research and clinical partners, enabling the creation of a unique dataset in neurodevelopmental disorders.



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